Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hey J this is my journal
and I have already written 3 songs in it one is called :Embracing the darkness;
another is called :Its the end of the world; and the last one is : The time of uncertainty,
so that is it

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello every one its been a while but I am writing again...
well I got a new phone and the battery sucks(it just cuts off when you turn on the music for 2 min's).

So I am going to get a new battery for it.
Well every one guess what .... I write songs and sing (and not just on guitar hero world tour) my mom told me I cant put them on the blog for legal purposes (copyright infringement) so there goes that.
so I cant show you all my lyrics but (J) I will email them to you ..... (probably)but I can tell you the genre ... screamo
today it is my (cousin's) b-day
and I tried to tell her happy b-day but she hasn't answered yet

I have to write 6 paragraphs here but i don't know what to write about
so I guess I have to write random stuff
well here it goes I like tacos but Id rather have pie
I really like apples but I like it better in pie

I want to work so I can get my @$$ out of the house and buy my own stuff ^_^ yay
all I need to do is wait until my b-day and I will be 14 so I can get out of the house again ^_^ yay

I play guitar hero and sing on it and drums and bass the best song on there is The Kill
anyways I want to eat right now so later