Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yawn.... again

im so ........ bored all i really want to do is put random pics up here like these

these r the funny pictures from myspace and gaia.

anyways...... im 14 and im sooo lazy now all i want to do is sleep and be on gaiaand for those of u who dont know what that is this is it....

if it doesnt work tough nubs hehe

well idk what to do my summer sucked bigtime all i did was stay home and sleep till 10:00 and clean when i woke up and stuff like that .....*yawwnn* wtf my lil bro just started singing *flavor flav* idk wat is his problem hes crazy lolzz

any ways this is wat i look like while riding a ripstick

btw its a video

l8r every one